Computer Programming

My favorite computer programming resource by far is Scratch. It allows students to be so creative and allows for wonderful problem solving. It also has amazing extensions that can be added for more complexity.

Grades 1-2: I typically use Scratch Jr. You can find free curriculum here and here for it.

Grades 3-5: I use the Scratch Creative Computing Unit.

Grades 6+: I like to add robotics by using the Lego Mindstorm EV3 kits and Scratch extension to program the robots to complete these Robotics Task Cards. Thanks to Alexis Holt for allowing me to post!

Other favorites include:

  • - Probably the simplest place to start, with great "unplugged" activities, easy lessons that gently step students from one concept to another, and good navigation. Can start as young as kindergarten with this and advance through middle school.

  • Bricklayer - Grades 3 and up; combine math, coding, and art

  • Grasshopper - Grades 4 and up; app that helps you write in real JavaScript

  • Pencil Code - Grades 5 and up; create art, music, games, and stories using block coding

  • Blockly

  • Harry Potter Coding

  • CS First