Consulting Services

My name is Sarah Young, and I've been working with gifted students in grades K-12 for nearly a decade. I love helping teachers find practical, meaningful materials for their classroom.

As a gifted consultant, I've helped individual teachers get a grasp on their day-to-day schedule and curriculum. I've helped districts build their gifted programs from the ground up, choosing testing procedures, developing student learning plans, and creating a curriculum from scratch. I've also helped large school districts, with hundreds of identified gifted students, provide professional development and resources to their staff. Ultimately, I want to help you be a happier educator who's excited to go to work each day.

We can meet via video chat at times that are convenient for you. Send me an email today! or try out one of my self-paced professional development courses!

For Individual Teachers

  • Create a scope and sequence

  • Create a daily/weekly schedule

  • Revamp existing lesson plans or start fresh!

  • Create professional development for your staff

  • Provide enrichment/extension materials to students in the regular classroom

  • And more!

For School Districts

  • Determine curricular needs

  • Create scope and sequence for all grade levels and buildings

  • Create and present professional development tailored to your needs

  • Provide enrichment materials, social and emotional resources, and other materials to aid gifted students

  • Meet virtually with students


I was just so stressed over what to do and when, and as the only GT teacher in my whole district, it gets lonely and scary when there isn't anyone to collaborate with. For the FIRST time EVER in this position, I feel like I finally have a genuine opportunity for professional growth. THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU!!! It helps so much to have such a mentor!

Tara, South Carolina

This is amazing!!! Thank you so much! I'm a "lone ranger" for grades 1-8, and there is nothing organized from previous educators. I have been trying to keep my head above water for a while. You saved me!!

Betty, Missouri

I just want to take a minute and say THANK YOU!! With all of your resources and ideas, I am excited to get back to teaching. This is my 20th year and I have hit a lull with my teaching career. It has just not been exciting. NOW I AM EXCITED, and I will be ready for my kiddos. GIRL, you are going to make me look GOOD… like I know what I am doing… lol. Again, THANK YOU!

Karen, Florida