All these resources are wonderful, but how do I create a cohesive program? I want to give you some ideas based on grade levels, budget, and amount of time spent with kids each week. Check out this curriculum overview document for more information. It includes a second sample curriculum overview and even has a slideshow for the first day of school!

I've also created a lesson plan template to show you how I create my lesson plans using Google Slides. I link all slides, student notes, and other resources directly in the slideshow. I include I can statements directly on the slide. Then, I type my teacher notes in the notes section below each slide. Then, I simply print the slides with notes as my "lesson". I hope this helps make your planning a little easier!

If you'd like to schedule a consult with me to go over your specific situation or curriculum, budget, or other constraints, send me an email at sarah@thegiftedguide.com

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