Professional Development

I am excited to announce a series of self-paced, online professional development opportunities. Each course consists of videos, ready to implement resources, discussion, and more! Most PD isn’t applicable to everyday teaching. It’s too abstract or simply too much fluff. These courses are going to make your life easier, not harder, by giving you ready-made resources that you can use today. Gifted Guide also offers bulk discounts - just email to get more details!

  • Ideal for grades K-8

  • Covers reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and technology.

  • Ideal for grades K-12

  • Covers SEL basics, Socratic discussion with book studies, curriculum, and more!

  • Ideal for grades 1-8

  • Includes exclusive access to theme outlines for grades 1-8 with 6 content area ideas per theme.

Interested in doing professional development via Zoom or bringing it to your school? Contact for more PD options, and see what we've done before below.

  • Differentiation

  • Social and emotional needs and curriculum

  • Effective Independent Study/Genius Hour

  • Collaborative Engineering Challenges

  • Podcasting

  • Using Technology to Meet GT Student Needs

  • Creating a Scope and Sequence, Schedule, and Selecting Curriculum

  • And more!


I am in the midst of taking your Differentiation course. I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for these wonderful resources!! I am an elementary gifted teacher in Iowa. This is my 5th year in this position. Prior to that, I was a classroom teacher for 20+ years. I am always on the lookout for resources and ideas to share with classroom teachers. Your course is so good and I plan to use many of your ideas when collaborating with other gifted teachers AND classroom teachers. Thank you so much!!

- Erin, Iowa

Gifted 101 PD Slideshow Template - Here's a sample of professional development I created for a district with a brand new gifted program. It goes through definitions of gifted, asynchronous development, potential problems faced by gifted students, referral forms, accommodations in the regular classroom, and a general outline of the program.