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The Gifted Guide is your guide for teaching all things gifted! Here you will find resources for creating and compiling quality curriculum for all grade levels. So far, the site has over 70 free slideshows & units! I've also created a self-paced professional development course on differentiation for the gifted child if you're interested in PD that will leave you with ready-made resources that will make your life easier, not harder.

I want to make navigation easy, so you can use the drop down menus or the search function at the top right of the webpage to explore the site! Some great places to start are the Overview Page, where I map out a comprehensive curriculum for grades 1-8. Another great place is the Virtual Page, which has a lot of ready-to-use resources.

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Wonderful for improving logic, deduction, and critical thinking. Ideal for grades K-3. (Answer Key)

Each lesson includes a warm-up debate exercise, lesson, and reflection. Ideal for grades 3+