Teacher Learning

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  • Create a scope and sequence

  • Design a daily or weekly schedule

  • Revamp existing lesson plans or start fresh

  • Make professional development materials for your staff

  • Provide enrichment or extension materials to students in the regular classroom

Have questions? Email: sarah@thegiftedguide.com

  • Determine curricular needs

  • Create scope and sequence for all grade levels and buildings

  • Make and present professional development tailored to your needs

  • Provide enrichment materials, SEL resources, and other materials to aid gifted students

  • Meet virtually with students

Have questions? Email: sarah@thegiftedguide.com

Professional Development

Topic Ideas

Here are some examples of professional development topics I've done before:

  • Differentiation

  • Social and Emotional Needs and Curriculum

  • Effective Independent Study/Genius Hour

  • Collaborative Engineering Challenges

  • Podcasting

  • Using Technology to Meet GT Student Needs

  • Creating a Scope and Sequence, Schedule, and Selecting Curriculum

Sample Presentation

Below is a sample of a professional development slideshow I created for a district with a brand new gifted program. It goes through definitions of gifted, asynchronous development, potential problems faced by gifted students, referral forms, accommodations in the regular classroom, and a general outline of the program. This is one example of my PD work!

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