ELA Grades 3-5

Free Resources

  1. The Great Debate - Focuses on speech, writing, persuasion, presentation, and more!

  2. Newspaper - Students get to create their own newspaper, with lessons on brainstorming topics, article analysis, editing, and more!

  3. Independent Study - This is the perfect age to introduce research and independent study projects. Check out the Independent Study Page for slideshows and guides.

  4. Podcasts - Great for listening, reflection, or even creating your own in the older grades!

    • The Mars Patel Podcast is a great way to introduce students to wonderful writing, and you can use this unit from Teachers Pay Teachers to teach about writing creative narratives themselves. I use this in grades 4-6, but you could probably scaffold to get it to work with 3rd grade as well.

  5. ELA Enrichment Room - Grades 3-5

Purchase Curriculum

William and Mary Language Arts Materials - Both their literature units and the Jacob's Ladder Program are high quality and go in depth with writing. The Jacob's Ladder program is much more cost effective, if that is a factor. Some options:

  1. Literature Units

  1. Jacob's Ladder Program

    • Affective Grades 4-5

    • 3rd, 4th, or 5th Comprehension Books

    • 3rd, 4th, or 5th Nonfiction Books