Math Grade 6-8

Free Resources

  1. Math Enrichment Room - Grades 6-8

  2. Problem Solving Decks - Deck C is best for this age

  3. Budgeting for Your Future - Students learn about how their personality can relate to their career, research and choose a career, create a budget, and research what type of house, car, and other items they can afford. 6-8 class sessions.

  4. 3 Act Math Tasks - Problem-based lessons that will foster students' curiosity by having them dive deeper into the problem with 3 related tasks.

  5. The Stock Market Game - Free sign up. Student learn about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, diversification, and more while playing a simulation that mimics the Stock Market exactly! They get to compete with students across your district, region, and the entire US to see who can invest $100,000 the best. There are fall and spring sessions for competition, so sign up ahead of time, teach students a few lessons in advance so they know the basics, then start competing!

    • I made this slideshow for my 5th-8th graders based on the free lessons that The Stock Market Game provides. Hope it helps you to more quickly and easily implement this awesome resource!

Purchase Curriculum

  1. Clark Creative Math 21st Century Projects - A teacher and student favorite is The Game of Life! In the upper range of these units, make sure you are familiar with the math before purchasing. These do not cover the math concepts, but instead apply them to create projects.

  2. Mathcounts Workbook - 200 amazing math problems and answers for students in grades 6-8 (the workbook is free, but everything else has cost). They also have competitions, solution help, and more on their site!

  3. Citizen Math - Teaching math through real world problems. Absolutely amazing site with 146 lessons for grades 6+, but costs $320 per teacher per year. However, they do have some free units that I've linked below.