Science Grades 1-2

Free Resources

  1. Renew the Zoo - Students try to improve an old, outdated zoo while learning to research and learn more about animals along the way. It culminates in a research and model zoo exhibit project and typically takes about 12-14 class sessions (45 minutes to 1 hour each) and works well for grades 1-3.

  2. Texas PSP

Purchase Curriculum

  1. Quirkles - If you have a great budget, these are an amazing, quality resources that can span multiple years of gifted and cover science and ELA standards. Each letter/book focuses on a different science topic, as well as different a ELA concept. Read the book, do the experiment, and have fun! Very engaging!

  2. Secret Formula - This book is really fun, and students remember it for years. They get to make toothpaste, soda, and more while writing their own advertisements for their products. May need revamping and modernizing, as it is an older book, and it is definitely best for littles (I might even go K-1 on this book, grade 2 max) You will need materials for it and it does require some prep for experiments.