Science Grades 6-8

Free Resources

  1. Science/Social Studies Enrichment Room - Grades 6-8

  2. Cryptology and Cybersecurity - Grades 4-8

  3. Adolescent Brain Unit - A wonderful unit that covers brain development, the hemispheres of the brain, the teenage brain, moral decision making, and ends with a choice of projects to apply learning. Typically takes 6-8 sessions. Thanks to Jeanne Pascon for her help with this unit. It will also be available in Renzulli Learning!

  4. Technology and Innovation PBL Unit - Wearable technology, virtual reality, drones, cloning, and more! Students will get to dive into 7 different PBLs on various science topics, and complete the unit by creating their own app!

  5. CSI Lessons from Science Spot

  6. Texas PSP - From their site: "The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) provides a series of TEKS-based performance tasks and assessments for gifted... students in grades K-12. These interdisciplinary research units, some of which have a discipline-specific focus, can be used by schools and districts to enrich G/T programming." This site gives amazing research units for every subject for every grade level.

    • I created a slideshow for 3 science units for grades 6-8 on stem cells, GMOs, and endangered animals utilizing resources from Texas PSP. Each takes about 5 weeks, for a total of 15 weeks if you complete all 3.

Purchase Curriculum

  1. Mystery Disease - Students must figure out the disease that is plaguing a town, then work to correct the issue so it doesn't happen again. For grades 5-8, but I like it best for grades 5/6 for gifted. Typically takes about 12-15 class periods (1 hour each)

  2. Ferret It Out - From their site: "The black-footed ferret is the most endangered mammal in the United States. Students are placed in the role of members of a recovery team whose job it is to assess whether Fort Collins, Colorado, is an appropriate site to reintroduce ferrets that were bred in captivity."

    • Recommended for grades 5-9, I like it best for gifted 5/6. Typically takes about 15 class periods (1 hour each) I created these final project questions to go along with the unit.

3. CSI Unit - There are several CSI units you can purchase for this age range, as well as some amazing sites.