Social Studies Grades 3-5

Free Resources

  1. Science/Social Studies Enrichment Room - Grades 3-5

  2. Ancient Greece - This unit includes learning about the people of ancient Greece through a webquest, designing like the Greeks using columns, gods and goddess studies, mythological creatures, myths, and more! About 15 class sessions.

  3. America the Great - A collection of 8 PBL lessons, including lessons on President's Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, voting and elections, women in U.S. history, and symbols of American History.

  4. Salem Witch Trials - I recommend this unit for grades 5-8. It includes inquiry into life in the 1690's in the United States, recreating a trial from that time, comparing and contrasting trials then and now, and finding alternative solutions to the problems the Puritans faced. Typically takes 12-15 class periods (45 mins to 1 hour each)

  5. Texas PSP

Purchase Curriculum

  1. Project Passport: The Middle Ages - 25 stops with awesome topics, including: Barbarian invasions, everyday Medieval life, the structure of the classes, towns & guilds, science & invention, education, the arts, church history, the castle, the Crusades, knights, vikings, battles & wars, and more!

  1. Black Death - A unit on the bubonic plague for grades 5-8. For gifted, I like this best for grades 5-6. Typically takes about 15 class session (1 hour each)

  2. ThinkLaw - Analyze real court cases. Great for ELA, social studies, and critical thinking! Have about a dozen free resources to try before you buy! Or, you can join the ThinkLaw Facebook group to see more free resources.